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Carpets No More

The first project we did back in June. It involved the floors on the first floor.  There was wall-to-wall carpet in the living and dining room.  They needed to go.  This is what it looked like when we bought the house:

The living room for them was more of a playroom...

Look - you can see the hardwood on the other side!

The Dining Room - I took a picture before we ripped up the rug

Not cute.  Neither room screams dining/living room either.  Luckily for us, there were hardwood floors UNDERNEATH the carpet.  So all we had to do was pull it up.  Carpets BE GONE:

View of dining room and living room - do you like the massive sander we rented?

If you look closely, you can see paint splattered on the floor

Living room without the rug

We rented a sanding machine.  Those are large – a little lower than your chest – and powerful.  Jim did most of the sanding while I was at work one day.  I helped when I got home but was terrified while using the sanding machine.  It moves on its own and is like trying to control a wild animal.  Needless to say, Jim used that more than me.  We also bought a hand-held sander for corners and hard to reach places.  This is how the floors looked after sanding:

Living room

Another view of the living room

Dining room...notice all the dust?

The next step was to stain the floors. We picked out a cherry-colored stain and Jim got to work.  There was a mishap with soaking up the stain in-between coats that involved stained sneakers and then stained socks.  After a day to let the stain set-in and dry, Jim completed the finish.  That went smoothly.  A few days of hard work led to this:

Living room

Dining Room (the lightening makes the color look different in the picture - but it's the same)

Another view of the dining room (and some living room)

It was totally worth it.  We now have pretty wood floors when you first enter our house.  Our first project was a success.  It gave us a taste for more.


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