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Getting Rid of Lilac

After moving into the house (with the helping hands of my parents – thanks mom and dad), we could only last so long sleeping in the master bedroom before taking action.  The previous owner loved lilac.  When we toured the house, not only were the curtains and walls lilac, but also her bedspread and sheets.  I am not a huge purple fan to begin with (although it has been growing on me recently), so to have it look like someone ate lilacs and threw up all over the walls was not ok.

This was the room:

Please ignore the horrible painting outfit and focus on the color of the room

Close up of the color and a hole...there were also random holes in the wall we needed to fix

This might be ok for a little girl’s room.  In fact, I think my sister’s room was this color growing up. But an adult, married couple?  No. We needed to act quickly.

We moved in Tuesday and by Friday, we were painting our bedroom.  We picked a light bluish/grey that matched our new bedspread (thank you registry). Jim’s parents offered to help and came over with a ton of helpful painting supplies.  They even brought an extra ladder!  With four people helping (and Rick’s super fast painting ability) we finished a lot faster than I was expecting.  Bye bye lilac!  Here is the finished product:

This is a recent picture - we JUST got our furniture, but you can see the awesome paint job in it!



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  1. Awesome furniture! I’m glad it finally came in! love y’all!

    • Thanks! We actually ended up canceling our Room Store order Kate! We went with another store and received the furniture in 4 days! Best decision.

  2. Love the color and bedroom set!

  3. So pretty! Calm, serene bedroom 🙂 Perfect

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  5. What’s wrong with Lilac?? That was the exact color of my room! Haha

    • Yeah…when you were 13! I gave you a shout out that your room was that color when we were little! Are you going to go paint your room that color now?

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