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Sarfari to Guest Room

After the closet doors, we took a little break. We had other things on our plate – like getting married. I was gone from the house for three weeks while Jim was gone for a little over two weeks. We got back from Hawaii and the honeymoon was over…literally.  Back to work on the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Mai!

Since our bedroom was done – we started to look towards the other bedrooms upstairs. The lilac bedroom was bad – but we also had rooms we referred to as “The Safari Room” and “The Ariel Room.” Who is Ariel you may ask? The Little Mermaid silly! That’s right, one bedroom had a mural of the Little Mermaid on one wall. It was badly drawn and on top of it, only 75% finished. In addition, that room had a border wall paper of Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh curtains, and Winnie the Pooh hangers on the wall. There were some theme issues going on in that room. The Safari Room had border wallpaper of animals – Lions, Zebras, etc. Every room also had a different color carpet – ranging from pink to green to blue. Our house needed a style makeover.

We started in the Safari Room. This was to be our guest official guest room so we wanted it to be finished as soon as possible. We removed the closet doors (we did that in every room, so I’ll save that step from now on). Blue painting tape became our best friend during our painting mania. We picked a peach like color and painted like champs. The walls went from this:

We have our own animal life exploring the room

Close up of Sarfari wallpaper..roarrr

To this:

New shutters and paint!

Furniture in place for the guest room!

Much better. We also painted the closet. For some reason, throughout the upstairs, there were small holes throughout the walls (as mentioned previously here). There were a decent amount in this closet as well. It also looked like someone took a shoe and scuffed half of the closet. We made it look like this:

No doors yet - but no holes or scuff marks either!

Jim also removed the blinds because he couldn’t stand them. I was indifferent towards them. They were dark wood and bifolds (you can see them in the first before picture). They didn’t match any other blinds in the house (a common theme in our home). The replacements were classic white shades (seen in the after picture). We got these shades for the rest of the upstairs as well.

Another necessary change was the ceiling fan. The fan must of have been unlevel because it made a ton of noise when turned on. It also did not have lights attached to it. We bought a great new ceiling fan and became to learn how to install it.

We turned off the power and started our first go at electrical work. There was a lot of rereading the directions and a little Googling. We got the ceiling fan up and working which was our goal. Then Jim topped himself and connected the fan to the light switch! He realized light switches and outlets might not be too difficult to work with.

Jim’s Update — Well, actually the ceiling fixture was already wired to the switch.  So when she says “Jim did X, then topped himself by doing Y”, X and Y were actually the same thing (insert transitive property joke here).  Kerry actually means I kept the fan “hot” (to be operated by the fan’s pull cord) and the lights on the fan wired to the switch.

A fan with lights!

The Safari Room was done – two rooms down, three to go.


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