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Ariel Be Gone

Our next project was focused on ridding our house from the Ariel mural (further description here). As you should know, Ariel has bright red hair. This was not going to be easy to paint over. We got primer and needed to paint over Ariel. Jim painted about 4 layers of primer over Ariel before we decided she was gone enough to start painting. We picked a green for the room. It didn’t go great with the bright blue carpet in the room, but new carpet would soon come and it would look much better.  Here are some pictures of the progression:

The Winnie the Pooh wallpaper and curtains must have been added after Ariel...

Oh Ariel...who thought you were a good idea?

The primer didn't do much at first...

Bye bye Ariel!

Drum roll please…….dum dum dum (how do you type out the sounds of a drum roll? You get the idea)….


Now we have an office AND no more Ariel!!

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