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Garage Doors

As a housewarming gift, Jim’s parents got us new garage doors and garage door openers! It was a great gift (thanks Ruth and Rick) especially because our old doors were old and unable to lock. These are the old doors:

They don't look too bad in pictures...

Close-up - notice the lock is missing

This one was a little rotted at the bottom

The new doors were installed along with the openers before we moved into the house (back in June). One would think we were parking in the garage since we moved in, but alas it was not that easy. The garage door openers had short electrical cords and could not reach our one outlet in the garage. They also need their own outlets because of the amount of power the openers use. We needed to create two new outlets in the ceiling near the openers before they could work. This normally would require hiring an electrician. Luckily, I have a talented father who volunteered to help us after the honeymoon, so we waited on the garage door openers.

New garage doors - there are windows now!

Close-up of the beauty

After the successful ceiling fan wiring (explained in our last post), Jim thought he could add the outlet in the ceiling himself. One day, he turned off the power and got to work.  After cutting a few holes in the ceiling and removing the fluorescent light bulbs, Jim added the outlets!  He did it all by himself and it worked perfectly! I was really impressed. We could start parking our car in the garage! Well…except for the fact we started storing trash like rugs and old closet doors in there. Soon enough…

Outlet 1

Outlet 2...Jim even set-up the lights to be motion activated!

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