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Painting Up A Storm

Within a period of two to three weeks, we finished painting the entire upstairs. I already spoke in-depth about the first three rooms. We had two more rooms, the hallway, and the linen closet left. We painted all of these without much incident. The rooms went like this:

Bedroom #4 - This is how it looked when we toured the house

Bedroom #5 - This is how it looked when we toured the house

Hallway Before

Another view of the hallway before

Hallway by the stairs before

To this:

Bedroom #4 - New carpet, shutters, and paint! (still no furniture though)

Bedroom #5 - New shutters and paint! (and carpet, but you can't see that)

Another view of bedroom #5

Hallway after! (I love our new carpet)

Hallway by stairs after!

The closet in bedroom #4 was wallpapered. This was an unfortunate discovery. I spent a few fun hours spraying the wallpaper with water and tearing it off. There is a reason people don’t use wallpaper anymore – it is a lot of work. Once the wallpaper was gone, we painted this closet as we did the others as well.

Another closet problem was back in the Ariel Room (now the Office). The former owners at one point had solar panels on the roof. The solar panels supplied power for extra heat and A/C on the second floor. They were removed before we bought the house, but the remnants of the panels were still there. In the office’s closet, there was a weird insulated tube coming from the ceiling going through the floor. After some investigation, Jim realized it was used to take the extra heat from the solar panel and bring it down to the kitchen (directly underneath the office). We would never need this tube, so Jim removed it. Unfortunately, this left us with a hole in the ceiling and the floor. Jim went out to get wood for the floor and dry wall for the ceiling. After a lot of trial and error, Jim fixed the holes! With the new carpet, you can’t tell with the floor at all. The ceiling you have to look really close to notice. Another impressive move by the husband.

The hallway presented some similar problems. We needed to remove the former controls for the solar panels and the two other vents attached to it. There was also a large vent that was put in upside down (the inspector pointed that out to us). We painted that and a laundry chute (that we don’t use) and placed them back on the wall. Well, sort of. The large vent was bent and it took a lot of work. The original screws weren’t put in right, so our attempts of screwing it in did not work. There was a lot of screwing the vent in to have it pop out 30 seconds later. We needed to take a break to step away from the frustration. The next day, Jim revisited and fixed it.


Hole where former vent was

This vent was in upside we had to fix that


Hole all covered up!

Newly painted and correctly placed vent!

Painted laundry chute (I didn't get a before picture, but it was not this white)

The painting was complete! Jim also added new recess light fixtures in the hallway that look great.  Door handles were updated as well so they went from looking like this:

Rusty and gross

To this:

Oooohhh Aaaahhh

Also – our front, back, and side door handles received upgrades:

Front Door


The doorknobs were surprisingly challenging. Most of the old doorknob latches were shaped differently than the new doorknob latches. This meant Jim had to carve out the right shape in the doorway and door.  He also had to make sure it was lined up just right in order to catch when you closed the door.  Even with the challenge – Jim successfully installed a ton of new doorknobs!

After ALL those steps…we were ready for our new carpet! We went to a mom and pop store in the next town over and picked out a great carpet. A week later – it was installed.  The upstairs was complete just in time for our first non-family houseguests (yay Kate, Jake and Allie Grace)! A little over 3 months after moving in, we had one floor done (minus the two bathrooms…those aren’t even on our radar yet).

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  1. Wow! I forgot about all the new doorknobs. You guys have done a lot of work!

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