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Since we have moved into the house – we’ve been dreaming of redoing our kitchen. Even when placing the bid on the house – we planned to remodel the kitchen. Here are SOME of the problems we needed to remedy in the kitchen.

  • In addition to the cabinets being old and sort of falling apart, there was very little cabinet space.
  • The little cabinet space led to not a lot of countertop space. This was super frustrating when trying to cook.
  • I would bet the dishwasher was the original dishwasher from the 70’s. It worked, but left rust stains on our NEW wedding dishes (ugh) and the top shelf fell whenever we tried to open or close it. That threatened to break our new glasses and dishware as well. (I really hated that dishwasher)
  • The refrigerator was only 4 years old, but there were rust spots on it. It also was in a spot in the kitchen that blocked part of the doorway to the dining room. I don’t know what the previous owners were thinking there. (It works great though and we are selling it if you are interested!)
  • The stove was also new but it was electrical. Jim and I both prefer gas stoves – although there is no gas line coming into our neighborhood. More about that later
  •  The tiles weren’t too bad, but the more we planned the remodel, the more we realized they had to go.

Enough bullet points for you?  Here are the pictures:

View #1 of the kitchen

View #2 - a longer look of the kitchen

View #3 - looking in the other direction

Awkwardly placed refrigerator

Sink under window

Electric stove with a very old vent

Dishwasher - I am so happy that it is gone!

Jim has been planning this renovation since we moved into the house. While I was writing Thank You Notes and making seating charts for the wedding, Jim was measuring and remeasuring each inch of the kitchen. He was researching about cabinets and adding a gas stove. There was a lot of work and planning going into this project. My sister is an amazing architect who helped us rethink some of our plans. She created renderings of our design so we could see life-like pictures of our future kitchen. It was awesome (thanks Michaela)! We had the plans. We ordered the new appliances and the new cabinets. With all the planning everything should be smooth sailing, right…? Yeah.

Here are the renderings:

View #1

View #2

View #3

How talented is my awesome sister?!  Know anyone looking for a great architect?  Send them Michaela’s way!

The first step to kitchen renovation is demolition. Jim was looking forward to this – he told me, “We should really have fun with this.” I was not as excited. I am sort of scared of hammers (this is obviously a problem as a DIYer). Well, to be fair, I’m just scared of hammers when you have to hit something really hard. I have a fear of smashing my finger or swinging it back too far and hitting my face. I am pretty clumsy. I will be lucky if I get out of this renovation without a serious injury.

The demolition day came – Columbus Day. We honored the pillaging and destruction Columbus partook in by pillaging and deconstructing our kitchen. Jim’s mom, Ruth, came over to help us. We started with the cabinets. Surprisingly, all you have to do is unscrew cabinets to get them off the wall. The top cabinets came off pretty easily. We moved the refrigerator and stove out of the kitchen.

Top cabinets gone!

Refrigerator and cabinets gone!

Getting the stove out of the way

Ruth taking a sledgehammer to the counter top

Jim and Ruth started working on taking off the counter tops while I was assigned to get the tiles up. I didn’t really know what to do. I sat back amazed as Ruth got up the first few tiles with a sledgehammer and crowbar. I decided I could do this. After the first few pieces of tile, I became a pro. I no longer feared hitting the crowbar with the sledgehammer and even managed to get a few tiles up still intact!

While I worked on the tile, Jim and Ruth had some issues with taking apart the sink and the garage disposal. Turns out, our valves to disconnect the water source did not work as well as they should. The sink was gone and we were left with dripping facets. A bucket was left in the place of the sink and we moved on. The old crappy dishwasher was removed (yay) along with the bottom cabinets.

Empty wall with a bucket instead of a sink

With everything gone, Jim and Ruth discovered some mold on the drywall. They removed that part of the drywall. This was not in the plan, but a minor hiccup. Under the tile, there was cement board. There was not cement board under the cabinets or appliances, so we knew we had to remove the cement board in order to have a level floor for remodeling. This turned into a major hiccup. After a long day of tearing things apart – we decided the cement board could wait.

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  1. Goodwork on the teardown! Thats a really impressive undertaking! Best of luck with the floor, if its not already fixed up.

  2. Let’s see those awesome renderings!

  3. Wow…again, so much work! The renderings are wonderful. You both must be getting excited now!

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