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Before Jim and I struggled with the refrigerator line, we had a battle of wits with the telephone wire. In the original set up of the kitchen, there was a short wall at the end of the countertops. Since our plan was to extend the counter tops along that wall, we decided to tear down the short wall.  We did this during demolition.  The one problem with that was that the telephone cord for the kitchen came through that wall.  We figured it would be simple enough to move the telephone wire from one location to another.

Without much difficulty, Jim brought the existing wire through the floor so he could set it up at another location in the kitchen. We got the wire connected by attaching a new phone wire.  We attached a phone jack to the wire and we were ready to go.  Of course, when we turned on the phone, there was no dial tone.  After attaching and reattaching a lot of wires – we went directly to the source.  We brought the phone jack and phone to the basement to attach it directly to the original telephone wire – there was still no dial tone.  I swear that that phone wire worked at some point while we were living in the house (I think Jim still doubts if this is true).  Jim used a little creativity and fed the phone wire from another location. Lo and behold – we had a dial tone! Another project we thought may take 30 minutes took us through a few twists and turns.

There were NO pictures from the phone wire project (I didn’t think the pictures would be very interesting), so I am combining that project’s post with our insulation project’s post. Before we could put drywall up – we needed to insulate the wall that faced outside. There was previous insulation when we tore down the walls but most of it was old with black spots on it.

Some of the old insulation; this section was in good shape but I forgot to take a picture of the insulation with black marks on it so I included this picture instead

Since we found some mold on the wall during demolition – we weren’t sure if the black spots on the insulation were mold or just signs of aging. We took out most of the bad insulation in order to put up new, clean insulation. This project was not too difficult.  We measured, cut, and stuffed the insulation in between the studs.  Insulation can irritate your skin and lungs – so we had to be careful.  I was pretty itchy and noticed myself coughing while we were putting up the insulation. But overall, it is a pretty simple project.

Jim cutting the insulation after precise measuring

Previously, the insulation had a vapor barrier (plastic sheeting over the insulation). Jim researched this and decided we should also put up a new vapor barrier.  The first sheet we did, we didn’t measure and cut before we put it up but instead we cut after we stapled it into the wall. This made it a lot more difficult to keep the plastic sheet in place. Luckily, Jim soon realized it would be better to measure out the pieces and cut first. Before we knew it, the vapor barrier was complete!  We needed to cut out holes for outlets and various other things sticking out of the wall. The insulation and vapor barrier had the room looking more professional. The ceilings and walls were all set. Drywall – here we come!

New Insulation!




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