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Jim and I took a well needed break from kitchen work to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in NJ.  We left Tuesday evening hoping to beat traffic, but with the weather working against us (stupid rain) we were still stuck in the car for over 5 hours.  After a wonderful holiday, we drove back to VA on Saturday and hoped to start putting up the drywall in the kitchen on Sunday.

We decided to drywall the ceiling first. It would be easier to put the drywall on the walls up against the ceiling than the reverse.  In order to drywall the ceiling, we planned to rent a drywall panel lift from Home Depot.  This tool would help us lift the large drywall boards to the ceiling while we tried to put the boards in place and screw them in. We woke up early Sunday and we were ready to get going. Unfortunately, Home Depot was out of the panels.  Apparently Thanksgiving weekend is a popular time to drywall one’s ceiling. We had to hold off on the project for another day.  We didn’t let the day go to waste though – we replaced our old doorbell (the ringer and chimes) with new ones. With Jim’s expertise regarding wiring (I’m picking up some things myself), it wasn’t too hard.  Our doorbell chime originally looked like this:

Inside the chime

The ugly cover of the bell chime

Our ringer looked like this:

One of those ringers that you aren't sure if it really is going to work

Now our ringer looks like this:

So pretty! It even glows when it is dark out!

And our doorbell chime will be clean and white.  We have no picture now because that will be finished after the walls are complete (it hangs on a wall).

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