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If These Walls Could Talk

With one drywall experience complete, we quickly got started on drywall part two. The same day Jim and I put up the final drywall panels in the ceiling, we got to work on the walls. In comparison to putting the drywall on the ceiling, this was much easier.

Throughout the process of putting drywall up on the walls, Jim was keeping in mind where the cabinets would go. Since we are putting up so many cabinets, some parts of the drywall will not show. Therefore, it was more beneficial to plan for a panel to end behind a cabinet or an appliance. Then when we spackle and sand – those parts do not have to look as seamless as the areas that will show.

Due to this planning, we did some panels vertically and some horizontally. We still needed to cut out holes for outlets, light switches, and wires. The wires weren’t too bad because we could use a drill bit for those. All the measurements went smoothly. We were so close with our measurements; it was sometimes hard to push the panel into its place. Thankfully, we had our trusty sledgehammer and a 2 by 4 to help hammer it in. When the panel couldn’t fit into place, it was much easier to take the panel down and make adjustments than when we were dealing with the ceiling (no lift was involved). In one day, we were able to complete about 95% of the walls.

First panel up!

Second panel went horizontal

Continuing to the other wall

Another view

Everything on this wall done (except above the window)!

A view of the other walls

We left the unfinished parts for another day

The last few pieces were left undone for a few days. With Christmas shopping, EMT shifts, and cookie exchanges to attend, we ignored the drywall panels shouting out to us. Then unfortunately, Jim got the stomach flu! While he was recovering and regaining his appetite, I decided to measure and cut out the last pieces of drywall by myself. It went pretty successfully.  I cut the panels close enough that they stayed in place without screws (I left the screws to Jim so I wouldn’t damage the drywall). Jim completely recovered on our weekend trip to NJ to have an early Christmas with my family (or as my dad kept calling it – Festivus).

The completed section!

The other walls complete too!

More complete walls

A long view

After we got home from NJ on Sunday, we both got back to work on the drywall. There was a section of the drywall that was not as sturdy as it should be. There was no stud behind it, so it could be pushed in. In order to solve this problem, we cut out part of two drywall panels in order to add a new panel that could screw in between two studs. It turned out to not be too much work and it fixed the problem beautifully. After that panel went up, we screwed in any panels that were missing screws. After the drive back, that was enough work for the day.

On Monday, we were back at it. There are special metal contraptions for corners of drywall called drywall corner beads. We had some already in place from the previous drywall. They needed to be bent in order to fit the new drywall into place. This meant the beads all needed to be hammered down so we could make the wall look seamless (this is a reoccurring theme with drywall). We also created a corner (where we tore down our mini-wall) so we needed to add a completely new drywall corner bead.  While Jim worked on the corner beads, I measured out where all the cabinets will be placed on the wall. This was so Jim would know what parts of the wall will be exposed.

The new drywall corner bead

Yesterday, I arrived home to find Jim spackling the wall. Although we are hiring someone to do the ceiling, Jim is more than capable enough to do the walls. The job was sort of a one person job. Jim got the first coat of spackle complete. We needed to let it dry overnight so he could sand it. Today is the first day of the ceiling spackle. Before we know it – we will be ready to paint!

Some of Jim's spackle job

Some more of the spackling


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