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Seamless Ceilings

With the drywall finished and spackling complete, we were ready for some painting. The contractors we hired to spackle the ceiling actually finished spackling the walls as well! This was a nice bonus because they did not charge us. It also meant that Jim wasted his time the other night when he started spackling the walls – but neither of us is complaining.  This is how the walls looked once the contractors left:

Pretty seamless ceiling!

Spackle done!

We wanted to paint the ceiling before we went to Jim’s parents’ house for Christmas. On the 23rd, while many people were doing last minute shopping, Jim and I were painting the kitchen ceiling. We basically became expert painters after the work on the second floor (see post, or this one, or here, or even this one) but we had not painted an entire ceiling. We needed to use primer on the new drywall. We were sure to get the spots on the walls we planned to paint later to save us time in the future. We took up our normal jobs – Jim had the roller and I was on the corners. There were some touch-ups needed with spackle and sanding, but after a few short hours, we were done!  Jim put up the light covers on the recess lights and hung up the light fixtures over the island.

Jim hard at work!

Here’s the finished product:

Beautiful lights

Starting to look like a real room!

Close-up of a recess light

We can't believe we really did this!


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  1. Fabulous! So much hard work on both your parts! The ceilings look great!


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