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Olive to Paint

Jim and I took a three day break to celebrate Christmas with Jim’s family.  After a lot of relaxation and holiday cheer, we arrived back home Monday evening. We planned to paint the walls the next day and decided to prepare for the next day. While I taped the ceiling, Jim removed a shelf from the wall we no longer wanted. We also made sure to spackle any places that needed touching up. We already made a trip to Home Depot that day to pick up our paint for the kitchen. We were ready to get started the first thing the next morning!

The painting went smoothly. We painted in the areas that would be showing once the cabinets are up. Therefore – the pictures without the cabinets will not be as impressive. Here are the pictures:

New paint!

Not all the wall is painted

Another view

The color goes well with our cherry wood cabinets.  Hopefully it will also mesh well with the countertop, backsplash, and tiles we pick. We looked over some samples before we picked out the paint – so everything should work out well.

There was also a large vent in the kitchen (similar to this one).  It was painted yellow and not very clean. Jim removed the vent and spray painted it white.  I also cleaned out the vent itself. Here is the finished product:

Ohhh pretty

After painting, we realized we could finish our door bell! The spackle guys unfortunately covered the hole we left for the doorbell wires. Luckily, Jim has extensive pictures of the kitchen without the drywall up. Using the pictures as a guide; Jim made an educated guess of where the wires were behind the wall. Within minutes, he had the wires out! Success! Jim hooked up the wires and we screwed the doorbell into the wall.  We tested the doorbell (our dog Derby did not appreciate this) and it worked! Our hard day’s work was done.

Inside the new doorbell chime

Door chime complete!


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  1. Love the color! I see the cabinets are all ready to be hung! Woohoo!


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