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Let Me Level With Ya…

The kitchen ceiling and walls were up and painted – which meant cabinets were next on our list. One part of the project I didn’t mention involved the cabinets. A few months ago we ordered from a website that makes “Ready to Assemble” cabinets. All the supplies arrived and Jim started to “assemble.” I helped with some of the parts but Jim did about 95% of the work independently. With all the cabinets assembled but no walls to hang them, they took up what should be our dining room.

This is a picture AFTER we moved the wall cabinets out - so you can imagine how much more crowded it was

The space sacrifice was worth having the cabinets already put together! In order to prepare the kitchen for the base cabinets, we needed to decide on what we were doing with tile. There are some people who tile the entire floor first and then put the cabinets on top of the tile. This is beneficial because all your appliances will then be level with your cabinets. It also is a waste of tiles (and therefore money) and you risk scuffing up your new tile while you finish the remodel. Another option is to only tile the floor that will be exposed as well as where appliances will go (under the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher). Then you need to figure out a way to lift the cabinets to the height that the tiles will be. We decided to go with the latter option.

Wednesday was one of those days in which we did a LOT of work but there was not a lot to show for it. We dedicated the day to placing wood where the base cabinets will rest. It was important for every measurement to be accurate and every piece of wood to be level. You may think, “Well that should be easy – clearly the subfloor is level!” Well, if you thought that, you would be wrong. Our subfloor is not level – thanks in a large part to the previous cement board (see here). Thus, ensuring that each piece of wood was level within each set of cabinets was no easy feat. After a day of squatting, bending over, leveling, re-leveling, and about a million shims – all the wood was perfectly level. It may not look like much – but we did a lot of the legwork to guarantee the base cabinets and therefore our countertops will be level. Here are some pictures of our hardwork:

First square

Second square - a little more complicated

Third "square" - the most complicated

Part of the island square (see the plumbing pipes for the sink)

A full view of all the island boards - imagine getting all of these level


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