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Cabin-et Fever – Down Low Edition

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On the last day of 2011, Jim and I dedicated ourselves to putting our base cabinets in place. We started with – you guessed it – the corner cabinet! Our wall corner cabinet has a diagonal opening, as I mentioned before, while our base corner cabinet is a Lazy Susan. This is also another great way to use space in a corner. Nothing is wasted! With the preplanned level boards in place, the base cabinets should be easy-peasy.

The corner cabinet went into place fine. When we brought the cabinet to its left out, we realized they were not perfectly level to each other. After some adjusting with shims, we screwed the cabinets into place. When we brought out the cabinet to its right, the cabinets weren’t lining up. We at first moved the cabinets out a little, so they would look flush. Unfortunately, this cut into the space where the stove will go. After a minor freak out, we were able to use our strength, minds, and screws to get the cabinets lined up AND in the right place. It was a close one.

Base cabinets in the corner!

View with the wall cabinets

Since we plan on custom building a wine rack for part of the base cabinet (ehem, Jim plans on custom building…), we decided to hold off on the rest of the base cabinets along the wall. In order to ensure everything is level and flush, we need to wait for all the cabinets to be in place. So we started to work on the island. We have planned for one cabinet of the island cabinets to have an outlet. This meant working with wiring and cutting out a place for the wiring and outlet. Therefore we only got a little into the first cabinet before it was time to call it a day and ring in the New Year.  We left 2011 knowing we made a lot of progress the past week. Our New Year’s Resolution – to finish the kitchen as soon as possible!


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