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I Am An Island

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Adding an island to our kitchen design was a big decision. Our kitchen is more long than it is wide and we thought long and hard over whether the space was right for an island. We thought about adding a peninsula instead of an island, but we would lose both counter space and cabinet space.  Once it was decided we would do an island, we had a lot of revisions on the length, width, and height of the island. Our final decision gives us plenty of space to move around the island while also opening drawers, the dishwasher, and the stove. We even put tape on the kitchen floor before demolition where the island would be so we could practice walking around it.

Since adding the cabinets for the island, I am sure we made the right decision. There is still plenty of space to move around in the kitchen. It will be even better once we don’t have tools and step stools all over the place.  Our island be the location of both the sink and the dishwasher. In addition, we have two other cabinets. The island will be about 9 feet long. When attaching the island cabinets, we started at the far end.

We started working on the outlet that will be at the end of this cabinet on the last day of 2011 as mentioned here. We did actually take a holiday on New Year’s Day and did not work on the kitchen at all. But by the 2nd, we were back to work. In addition to creating a hole for the outlet in the end cabinet, we also needed to create holes in two other cabinets (ones that line up to each other) for another outlet. This outlet comes out right under where the sink will be. It is for our super duper heavy duty garage disposal.  Also, all sinks need to be connected to plumbing (imagine that)! So we needed to drill holes into the bottom of the sink cabinet for the three pipes coming up from the floor for the sink.  Therefore, the majority of the work involved with the island cabinets revolved around making holes. The square holes for the outlets and the hole for the large pipe were not easy to create. Luckily, with patience and persistence, all the holes were made with little to no damage to the cabinets. Thanks to our hard work leveling, the island cabinets were level with each other without much more work on our part.  We could not screw the cabinets into any studs (no walls to put them up against) so we used small nails to hammer them in place. We also screwed the two cabinets that are next to each other together. Before we knew it – the cabinets were in place.

First island cabinet - notice the awesome outlet

Longer view - second island cabinet is put in place

All the island cabinets in place (the space is where the dishwasher belongs)

Close-up of the other outlet (connecting between the two cabinets) and the three pipes coming through the base of the cabinet

View of all the cabinets!

Our next step is to build the custom cabinets and put the rest of them into place!


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  1. looking good!


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