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Saturday marked a milestone for the kitchen remodel; we officially have a completely functional kitchen!  That is right people – every appliance, faucet, drain, and cabinet is working perfectly. As previous posts have informed you, we were only waiting on our stove to be complete. We had to hire someone to set-up the stove.  I normally would not include a post about another person work – but the stove hook-up is indeed a story.

I have alluded to our gas stove in previous posts, but have not given much detail. Our neighborhood does not have a gas line running through it. Therefore, when we decided to get rid of our electric stove and buy a gas stove, we were committing ourselves to supplying the stove with gas. It is fairly common for people who are unable to receive natural gas through a pipeline to invest in a propane tank. After a ton of research (and a little calming of nerves on my part), we decided a gas stove was worth buying a propane tank. Neither of us like cooking with on electric stoves and having a gas stove in the neighborhood will make us stand out in the real estate market.

On Saturday, our propane tank providers came to install our propane tank and hook up our stove.  Previously, we had the indoor piping completed so the company believed it would be a very easy job. The stove we bought has the ability to function with both propane and natural gas. Its default was natural gas which meant it needed to be “converted” to propane. Our propane providers said they could also do the conversion.

The Propane Man (not sure what else to call him) arrived around 8:30 am on Saturday.  He did not leave until 1:45pm.  He was working WAY longer than he was supposed to.  According to him – LG stoves have “a million screws” which made the conversion take so long.  In addition, when the indoor piping was completed, they did not leave the pipe long enough to reach the stove. It reached the stove when it was up against the wall, but there is no way to connect the pipe when the stove is up against the wall!  So Jim ran to Home Depot to get extra piping for the guy.

Everything seemed to be working and going well.  The Propane Man was putting together everything he took apart from the stove in order to convert it to propane gas. Then he came to tell us he could not get the oven door back on. Hm. Jim went to go check it out. Having complete confidence in my husband, I figured the guy must be reading something wrong and Jim would have it back on in no time. A little while later, Jim tells me to call LG – uh oh. After Jim, myself, and the Propane Man struggled with both the LG operator and the oven door for about an hour, we managed to get the door back on. Phew.  After a long and stressful morning, our oven was officially working.

Pretty stove!


Look how cool it is inside; it is blue!!




There is a griddle that goes on top of the stove! Pretty awesome

Due to an already booked weekend, we did not make our first meal on the stove until Monday evening.  Jim’s parents came over to join us for our first meal in the new kitchen. It was delicious – if I do say so myself. I love our new stove.  Not only does it work and look great but it plays a little tune when the oven is done preheating. It also TELLS me how hot the oven is while it heats up!  A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

First meal cooked using the stove!


Creamy pesto pasta with shrimp! Yum

Almost exactly 4 months to the day (demolition Oct 10), our kitchen is working again.  Bye bye frozen meals and take-out food, I’m ready to cook!


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  1. Congratulations…Everything looks great! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Congratulations on a full working kitchen! I am so proud of you both!


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