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Jim and I have been on super power mode.  We are trying to get the first floor ready for guests we are having on St. Patrick’s Day. Since we have greatly ignored the first floor, we have a lot to do in just a few days time.  There has not been much down time in the Mai Household the past few days.

After our electrical work on Saturday evening, Jim and I got up early Sunday to get back to work. We decided to divide and conquer – splitting up the projects.  Jim started to work on adding quarter molding to the dining room, living room, and entrance way.  Since there was carpet in the living room and dining room when we moved in, there was no quarter molding. Since I was doing my job in the other room – I didn’t get a before picture.  I also only took a picture of one corner in the living room.  It would be too hard to take pictures of all the new quarter molding – so this gives you a general idea.

The quarter molding is the bottom part of the molding that sticks out - it gives the molding a more finished look

While Jim was working on the quarter molding, I started painting the family room. We both liked the original color of the family room but it did not match the color we picked for the kitchen.  Since the kitchen and family room are connected – the colors really clashed.  The white trim and white panels really needed a good painting as well.  Here was the before:

A view of the family room - the kitchen table is right next to it (I know it is messy...we picked it up eventually)

While painting, I was tempted to touch up the paint on the fireplace. Jim and I both hate the white, painted bricks on the fireplace but they look dirty and I thought another coat of paint would freshen it up. We paint to eventually change the fireplace bricks – maybe go back to the original brick, maybe use something else – but either way, a new coat of paint would have just been a waste of time, so I left it alone.  I did paint the mantle though.  I also cleaned out the fireplace – which was DISGUSTING.  First – the previous owners left these creepy, red candles in the fireplace.  Since the doors to the fireplace were SO dirty, it was hard to notice they were even there.  In addition, it looked like they never once cleaned out the ashes from the fireplace. On top of all the ashes, spiders decided our fireplace was an awesome spot to make their cobwebs.  All and all – cleaning the fireplace was gross but ultimately rewarding. It looks 100 times better now.  I resumed painting after being distracted by the fireplace.  Here is the finished product:

Still messy - but you get the general idea!

We have a new carpet being put in TODAY and new furniture arriving next week that will really finish the room.

Painting took me a really long time. Jim was able to finish the quarter molding and go back to another electrical project. The last electrical projects we have left deal with our outside lighting. We have empty boxes with electrical cords sticking out of the back of our house and the side of our house – this is where lights should be. We bought new fixtures and Jim was ready to add the new fixtures. Unfortunately, these white boxes are blocking the way to the mounting plate. That wouldn’t be a problem if we could take off the white boxes – but they seem to have been placed on underneath our siding. This is a problem. Unfortunately, we have not solved this problem yet. We do have a light next to the front door that does not have this problem. Jim moved on to the front light.

This front light was incredibly frustrating. It was on some sort of sensor switch. We assume it was supposed to turn on when it sensed movement but most of the time, it did not do this. Or it would turn on after you walked past the front door. It was very temperamental and we could not figure it out. None of the settings seemed to change anything. I was SO glad to be rid of it.

Again, I didn’t get a before picture since I was painting – but imagine a dingy, old front light.  Here is our new one:

It turns on and STAYS on!

With all that accomplished, we called it a night.

The past two nights (Monday and Tuesday) have been busy as well but I don’t have pictures of the finished projects yet – so you’ll just have to wait and see!

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  1. Maureen (Mom)

    Great color!


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