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The last week has been B-U-S-Y.  Jim and I have been going nonstop from when we get home until bed every night.  A lot of the projects have involved painting and little fixes in each room.

Last Monday night – we painted the living room.  Jim had the idea of painting one wall a bold color while keeping the rest of the walls white (we did a yellowish off-white). We already bought a new sectional for this room that had not yet arrived. The sectional itself is a beige color but we picked colorful pillows and we wanted our bold wall to match a color in the pillow.  We picked a bright blue.  It was a very pretty blue color, but it was a little bright for the living room.  We decided to wait until the furniture arrived before making our final decision.  It took two days (Monday and Tuesday) to paint the living room and entrance way.  There was a lot of trim and taping to do.  Here is the transformation from the first two days:

Living room before - view 1

Living room before - view 2 (painter's tape already up!)

Living room (and entrance way) before - view #3

Living room after first round of paint - you can see the bright blue color we had

Another view with the first blue color (and old furniture)

Wednesday, we dedicated ourselves to the dining room.  We fixed some holes in the wall and got to painting. We had a late start that day and we had to do two coats, so we didn’t get to the trim.  Thursday – Jim was at the station, but I finished up the trim on the dining room.  Here are the dining room shots:

Dining room before - view #1

Dining room before - view #2

Dining room after - view #1

Dining room after - view #2

Dining room after view #3

On Friday, we put our focus back on the living room.  The sectional was going to be delivered Saturday, so we needed to get our current couches out of the way (we moved them into the basement). It was a little difficult, but we were able to get the couches downstairs with just the two of us.  We also decided this was the perfect time to clean the floors.  We didn’t just clean the floors though, we also polished them to help bring back the shine from when Jim first finished them.  While I was working on the floors, Jim got to work on the closet in the entrance way.  The old closet doors were broken.  One of the doors didn’t stay on the track and would just fall every time you tried to open the closet – it was miserable.

See the door on the left falling over?

New closet doors!

Throughout the week – Jim also added blinds to the window in the family room and the two windows in the living room.  All the days are blending together so I can’t remember which days they were. It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g to have new blinds in the living room.  The old blinds were meant to be under-mounted but they were outer-mounted, so the blinds were too short on both sides. Therefore, our neighbors could see into the house even with the blinds down. In addition, the blinds’ pull strings were the kind that were one big loop. Do you know what I mean?  You have to pull over and over just to move the blinds up 3 inches at a time.  They were horrible.  Now we have beautiful new blinds that are quick and easy to use.  In Jim’s haste to get rid of the old blinds, I did not get a picture. I do have a picture from when we first toured the house that captured one of the blinds though, so I will post that.

Their living room was more of a playpen...but let's focus on the blinds. Do you see how the blinds are too short and you can still see the window? good

Her's one of the living room windows with the blinds removed

And now...our beautiful new living room blinds!

And our new family room blinds (no before picture here either)

On Saturday, Jim tackled the crown molding (our LAST project of the kitchen).  It was a one person job for the most part (I had to help hold the molding up every now and then). It was also a very frustrating job. The molding came in a length of about 10 ft. One would assume although there were different poles of molding, they would still line up the same. That was not the case. This meant Jim had to be creative when lining up two pieces of molding at a corner. Some of the molding was also a little warped which added more challenges. In addition to measuring, cutting, and nailing the molding up – Jim had to hide the nail holes with this wax and marker filler we have.  Needless to say – this took all day.  By dinner time, Jim had finished all the sections but one on the crown molding.

Cabinets before molding 1 - Jim cut into the edge of the cabinets for the molding

Cabinets before molding 2

Cabinets before molding 3

Cabinet after crown molding 1

Cabinets after crown molding 2

Cabinets after crown molding 3

Cabinets after crown molding 4

While Jim worked on the molding, I painted our front and back doors. Our doors are made of a weird material (not wood), so it did not take too easily to the new paint.  The first coat looked horrible, but luckily the second and third coats were better.  There was also a TON of taping to do. Between each window and the door molding, there was a lot of space I did not want to get the exterior gray paint. Painting the doors took me a lot longer than one would expect.

I remembered to take a before shot after I started painting a little! The back door before -side 1

The front door before - side 1

Front door before (and cute pup) - side 2

Back door finished - side 1

Back door finished - side 2 (I forgot to take a before picture for this)

Front door finished - side 1

Front door finished - side 1

The sectional arrived around 3pm on Saturday.  Shortly after we were able to analyze our blue paint and decide it needed to go.  After dinner on Saturday, we ran to Home Depot and got a new paint color.  We protected our new sectional and got to work changing blues (we went with a darker blue). We worked into the evening, but it was well worth it.  Our finished living room:

New and improved living room!

Another view! I love it!

Sunday was another day of many things.  Jim finished the last bit of the crown molding (the kitchen is DONE!! another post to come), put knobs on the closet door, hung up a new coat rack in the front entrance way, and added molding and new blinds to the dining room window.  I finished the trim on the back door and the many touch-ups the doors needed after the blue tape ripped some of the tape off, I cleaned all the picture frames that got dusty while we worked on the kitchen the past few months, and I cleaned the garage.  The garage was pretty disgusting and dirty – filled with a lot of scrap wood we needed to get rid of. Our garage is now clean enough for us both to park in it!  We really are going to start this time.

Jim also threw in some plumbing along the way the past week.  The sink on the first floor was barely draining (due to all the things we had to wash down it the past few months), so Jim cleared the clog.  The connection under the sink was pretty poor, so Jim replaced some old pipes as well.  It worked pretty well the past few days but this Monday night it needed some more TLC from Jim. After the plumbing, some painting touch-ups, and cleaning windows – we decided where to hang pictures throughout the house. The pictures went up last night and our first floor is now ready to go. It looks like a different house.  We can’t wait to show it to our friends and family this weekend!


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