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Help Us Get HGTV’d!

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Hello Readers!  Oh how I have missed you.  Jim and I have given ourselves a well-deserved break from house projects since finishing the kitchen.  We have not started up our next project just yet, but we hopefully took a step towards a backyard make-over.  Our backyard is in serious need of TLC.  It is full of weeds, moss, and dirt patches.  It is uneven with tree roots sticking out of the ground.  We have an ugly chain-link fence that also has a dent in it in one area.  The fence used to also cut the backyard into two sections. We wanted to get rid of that as soon as we moved in, so we started taking off the chains.  We quickly realized the posts were cemented in the ground and now we just have fence posts in the middle of our yard.  I could go on about the problems in the backyard but I think you get the idea.

As HGTV addicts – we decided to apply to an HGTV show called “HGTV’d.”  You can apply for a make-over for any part of your house.  We have set up a “space” on the HGTV’d website with our audition video and pictures of the backyard.  The site doesn’t say anything about the number of views affecting being picked – but it can’t hurt!  Viewers can rate our space too!  If you get the chance, visit: and rate our space!   Our audition video is a little silly, but don’t judge.  View it as much as possible and send it around too!

Thanks for your help! The backyard definitely needs it!

We need grass instead of weeds!


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  1. I have missed you! Good luck with the backyard and I hope you get picked!

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