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Another Year, Another Project

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On the year anniversary of our kitchen demolition, we took our the sledgehammer once more.  Last Sunday, we started the demolition of our first floor bathroom.  All of the bathrooms in the house could use some TLC, but since this one is attached to the brand new kitchen, it really looked out of place.  It also is a half bath, so this one will be easier to remodel than the other two full bathrooms.

Here are the before pictures:

Best view I could get of the whole bathroom

We messed up the tile when we were taking up the tile in the kitchen a year before – it was about time we fixed it!

View of the weird towel rack/cup holder thing that was in the bathroom, also a sweet view of the medicine cabinet and light fixture

The sink – a vanity style

The toilet and ugly toilet paper holder

Ugly towel rack

The old and loud exhaust fan with the popcorn ceiling

Under the sink – that vent had been completely duct taped closed

Outlet cover

Light switch cover – it is just not cute

We started the demolition by shutting off the water. Jim tackled emptying and disassembling the toilet while I tackled removing the medicine cabinet and the smaller accessories.  We didn’t destroy anything because they are still in good shape and we hope to sell some of the items on Craigslist. When we got to the sink and realized the water shut off valves were almost impossible to turn.  Jim got a wrench and with some serious effort, was able to shut them off.  With shut off valves that difficult to turn, they are basically worthless.  We quickly decided we were going to have to replace them.  We took the sink and exhaust fan apart and all that was left was the tile.  Now it was time for the sledgehammer and crowbar.  Before we knew it, the bathroom looked like this:

Empty! Do you see the purple on the wall?  This bathroom was once PURPLE also…these previous owners really loved that color…

Where the medicine cabinet had been – we plan on taking out the light fixture too but have been holding off on that so we can still have light!

Part of the exhaust fan is gone

You may notice in the picture that we had not gotten down to the subfloor yet.  The cement board was still there.  We were not looking forward to taking up the cement board.  It took us days to get all the cement board up in the kitchen and we knew it would be a lot of work. We learned some lessons the first time we took up the cement board, so the first thing Jim did was find as many screws to unscrew as possible. While finding the screws, our power drill ran out of battery. Since it was around 5pm, we decided to call it a night.  The next day was Columbus Day so we set our goal to tackle the cement board then.

On Monday, Jim first finished getting up all the screws in the floor. There were only a few that were so rusted, Jim couldn’t screw them out. Next, we started taking the cement board up near the waste pipe for the toilet.  There was a hole in the floor already, so it provided us a space to get under the cement board.  It was slow-moving, but eventually we were able to start making some progress.  Since the bathroom is so small, Jim did most of the work.  I helped by sweeping up the pieces of cement board and cutting them off when he needed me too.  I also chipped away at the smaller piece of cement board that didn’t come up with big pieces.  After a lot of grueling work, we got all the cement board up.  It only took ONE day!

Subfloor exposed! (You may notice the waste pipe has something in it – in order to prevent gases from seeping into the house, you need to stuff rags in a plastic bag and put it in the pipe to create an air-tight seal)

The bathroom was officially gone – now it’s time to rebuild.


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