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It is hard to see in the pictures, but the walls of the bathroom are textured.  The best way to describe it is a popcorn ceiling and walls. Although it is not exactly the popcorn style, it is textured like that.  Not just the ceiling but the walls.  Why in a million years would someone do that?  I guess the ceilings were “in style” back in the day – even though I hate them, I could still see why people did that. But the walls?  If you bump into the wall, it scratches you.  In other words – it is miserable. Luckily, you can hire dry wall guys to remove the texture.  We could probably do it ourselves, but we might not do it as well and it would take us three times as long.  So we plan on hiring these guys.

In addition to the dry wall guys, we decided to hire a plumber to change the water shut off valves.  He came on Wednesday and was able to fix it right after giving us the price estimate.  Not DIY – but here are some pictures:

New valves for the sink – easy to turn and nice and shiny!

New toilet valve

Now – back to DIY things. With the dry wall guys coming sometime soon, we made replacing the exhaust fan our first priority.  Exhaust fans are put in before ceilings are put up and therefore we thought we might have to cut into the drywall in the ceiling to replace the exhaust fan.  We ended up being right.

Yesterday afternoon, we got to work on the fan.  We had already removed the motor from the old exhaust fan but we needed to remove the housing that was attached to the duct.  Jim managed to do this without increasing the hole in the ceiling.  He had to had a screw driver sized hole to unscrew the housing from the duct connector, but that was it. We were excited thinking we might be able to do this without messing with the ceiling too much.

Jim getting the old exhaust fan housing out of the ceiling

The old housing loose but not out of the ceiling yet

As we started looking at the instructions for the new fan, we soon realized the duct connector was about an inch larger than the old one.  Off to Home Depot we went.  We couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, but we did find a connector for different sized ducts that could work. Although this fixed the problem, it introduced another one.  By putting this at the end of the duct, the fan wouldn’t be able to start for another 3 inches.  So we needed to cut our first hole in the ceiling.  Once the hole was cut, we were making sure the fan could fit in the space and realized the duct couldn’t move all the way up against the ceiling beam. Since the fan was going to be attached to the ceiling beam, we needed to get the duct over.  Unfortunately, there were two by fours in the ceiling that was in its way.  The duct was able to move other to the other beam.  This meant we needed to change the location of the fan, and therefore add another hole.  Luckily, this was our last problem and our last hole.  We followed the instructions that came with the exhaust fan and voila! The fan was complete.

Jim hooking up the electrical wires for the fan – notice the much larger hole

The new exhaust fan!!

The exhaust fan with the cover on – good thing the dry wall guys are coming!


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