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Demolition Derby (Not the Dog…)

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Last Saturday, as many people were eagerly learning that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, Jim and I started a new project.  It was now time for another big project. It was time to tackle the master bathroom.

The master bathroom is small. It is only about 4 ft by 8 ft.  When we first started making plans about remodeling the bathroom, we had hoped to expand it.  The back wall of the shower rests up against the guest room’s closet. We thought we could possibly push the bathroom into part of the closet and create a longer bathroom. With that alteration, we would push the shower back further and we were going to switch the location of the toilet and sink, so that we could fit a double vanity in the bathroom.  After many discussions of the plan, we had a plumber come give us an estimate of what it would cost us to move all the necessary pipes to make such changes. Not only did the estimate come back way too high, our plan was foiled by the location the current sink.  It is right above the staircase. If the toilet was moved to that location, it would need a waste pipe going straight down – which would be through the staircase and not behind a wall.  It was disappointing to know we had to limit our remodeling design to the small space we were given, but we came up with some other ideas to make it the best bathroom it could be.

Before starting the demolition of our current bathroom on Saturday, we needed to relocate our bedroom. Since this is the master bathroom, our bedroom is attached to it. Remodeling comes with a lot of dust and debris and we did not want to spend our nights in our work zone.  We left most of our furniture in the bedroom but moved it farther from the bathroom door. We also covered them with bed sheets to try to protect them.  We moved our mattress and all of our clothes to the empty room next to our bedroom.  We also moved all of our bathroom toiletries into the hallway bathroom. It will work fine for the next few weeks (months? eek) it will take us to complete the project.  Although Derby (our dog) has been very confused with the relocation of where we sleep.

Our new set up - the sheets were being washed, sorry for the messy bed!

Our new set up – the sheets were being washed, sorry for the messy bed!

Our bedroom with (demolition) Derby

Our bedroom with (demolition) Derby

Once the resettlement was complete, we took a quick break. I met a friend for lunch while Jim ran to Home Depot and also grabbed some food.  By late afternoon, we were back to work. Jim bought a carpet protector that we put in place in our bedroom near the bathroom.  Then we started unscrewing and removing the vanity, the light fixture, the sink, cabinet, medicine cabinet, toilet, etc.  The counter top of the vanity did not remove easily, so Jim was excited to take his new sledgehammer to it. We also needed to get up the tile from the floor and off of the shower walls.  It was exhausting.

We cleaned up all the debris we already created and called it a day. Sunday morning, we were back at it.  We still needed to get the shower base up and also remove some of the drywall.  We knew there were places we would need to be working behind the wall for electrical or plumbing reasons, so we thought we should just get rid of all of it. Getting rid of the drywall also made the shower base an easier removal. A few hours later, we had a completely demolished room.

Pictures before we moved all our belongings out:


View from the door


Toilet – you cannot tell but it hasn’t been running right for months now. Plus there is paint all over it from the previous owners! So glad it is gone!


View of the sink from the shower


A little blurry, but straight on view of the vanity, sink and medicine cabinet


The pretty stylish light fixture


Door where we had to hang our towels


Extra storage in a cabinet


Shower – this shower could never get as clean as I wanted it…also so glad it is gone!


Larger view of the shower – you can see the ugly light fixture above the shower


View of toilet paper roll holder and vent


Focus on the plain, white floor

More pictures once all our stuff is removed – Jim wanted me to show how plain and boring it was!


View from the door – all white!


I guess the counter adds some color…


Pretty boring


Last one

How the bathroom looks now:


View from the door – we had to leave the shower fixture in place because there is not a shut off valve for the water


Plywood over the sub floor


Where the vanity and sink once were


The old light fixture (and wall) is gone


View from the “shower”

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  1. Cute title and lots of work!

  2. I’m glad I choose to read this one. Great work!


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