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Two Year Anniversary

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Today is our two-year anniversary of becoming home owners!!  On May 31, 2011, Jim and I did one last walk-through of the house, sat down to sign a lot of papers, and then write the biggest check of our lives.  Our DIY projects started on day one of homeownership.  Immediately following closing, we went to the house and started to rip up the carpet in the living room and dining room.  Refinishing the wood floor on the first floor was our first of many projects.  Since then, we have re-painted every room in the house except the basement and second floor hallway bathroom.  We have replaced 3 ceiling fans.  We have replaced every electrical outlet and light switch on the first and second floors (minus the hallway bathroom).  We have replaced all the doorknobs and door hinges on the first and second floor – even the doorknobs on for the outside doors! We got new wall-to-wall carpeting on the second floor.  We spent 5 months (starting after only two months of marriage) without a kitchen as we tore down the former kitchen to the studs and rebuilt the room from scratch.  We remodeled our first floor bathroom. We have improved the curb appeal of our house by adding a plant bed with a retaining wall (more to come on that in my next post!). We are currently in a 3 month project remodeling our master bathroom – another endeavor in which we tore the room to the studs to build it from scratch.

Things have changed in our lives as well.  When I signed that paperwork on May 31, 2011, I signed it as Kerry Ann Cooney. We were one of the first in the group of our friends to become homeowners. Jim was working from home and I was miserable at the school I taught at.  Now, we have been married for almost two years, many of our friends are homeowners or in the process of becoming homeowners, Jim is back to commuting and I love the school I work in.  We have learned a lot through all of our projects in this home of ours.  We both look forward to more lessons and more memories to be made in all the years to follow.

Jim and me on the day we became homeowners!

Jim and me on the day we became homeowners!

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  1. Kevin Cooney

    Congratulations. You certainly have accomplished a lot in the two years in your house!

  2. Maureen (Mom)

    Congratulations Kerry and Jim! Happy 2nd anniversary! You have truly transformed your home into a showhouse! You should be very proud of all that you have done!


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