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Bathroom Reveal!

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I know my last post left you hanging.  We only had one measly thing left to do before the first floor bathroom was completed.  I ended the last post promising another more exciting post with before and after pictures of said bathroom.  I know you must have been waiting on pins and needles, so I apologize for my absence.  There was that whole celebrating the birth of Christ and ringing in the new year that held up our long-awaited bathroom reveal.  But here it is folks, the finished bathroom!

The last thing we had to do in the bathroom was add a shelf.  As previously mentioned, the shelf was back ordered for weeksIt took a few calls and “live chats” with the company to finally get it delivered. Although that was annoying, luckily, the installation was easy-peasy.  We measured out where we wanted the shelf to go and taped the template in place.  Jim drilled in hole in the wall for the drywall anchors (drywall anchors allow you to screw something into a wall regards of where the stud is, they only hold so much weight so only work to screw in certain things).  Once the anchors were in place, Jim was able to screw the shelf’s plates in place and then we placed the glass shelf on top. We screwed the knobs in place and it was done!  Bathroom complete!

Christmas 2012 008

The wall before the shelf

Christmas 2012 021

Shelf up and completed!

Great place for tissues and a candle!

Great place for tissues and a candle!

The other side of the room, you can see some pictures we hung up

Another view of the shelf – you can also see some pictures we have hung up

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for….the before and after pictures!!

Best view I could get of the whole bathroom

The old bathroom

Christmas 2012 009

The new bathroom!

We messed up the tile when we were taking up the tile in the kitchen a year before - it was about time we fixed it!

The old broken tile

Christmas 2012 013

New tile that matches seamlessly with the new kitchen tile!

Light switch cover - it is just not cute

Ugly light switch (you can sort of see the textured wall in this picture too)

Christmas 2012 030

Nice new one!

View of the weird towel rack/cup holder thing that was in the bathroom, also a sweet view of the medicine cabinet and light fixture

Ugly outlet with weird towel holder

Outlet cover

Close-up of the ugly outlet

Christmas 2012 031

New outlet and outlet cover with a new towel rack!

The sink - a vanity style

Former sink vanity

Christmas 2012 032

New pedestal sink

Christmas 2012 029

Another view

Although this project was nowhere near as big as the kitchen remodel, the update makes quite the difference. It still took planning, time, and a lot of hard work. We are so happy to have a new first floor bathroom.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the master bathroom…